“Life” What is life? Life is all about ups and downs, happy and sad memories and the main thing is “value”. Everyone can define a four letter word “Life” but do they really know about it? Have they experience? There are a lot of questions. But the reality is different.

The reality is very easy to understand, if you have really felt the same as I have felt. In my opinion, life is not about ups and downs. Its only about us. How we do a small thing also matters a lot. It’s us, who make our life go through ups and downs. If, we do only good things, how can we be down? It’s not possible unless, someone else is doing better. If we do the best, our life will be all about ups and ups. If we try to do only good, our life will be all about downs and downs, if we do better, our life will be all about ups and downs. It’s us, who can define our life, no one else can know, what we are going through. We cannot just be cool saying, “Life is all about ups and downs”, it’s us who make this happen.

“Happy and sad memories”, this means the memories you have collected in your life. Memories do not depend upon us, they depend upon others. If others include us in good thing, that becomes a good memory or happy memory, it includes sad memory too. If we try to make memory, ourselves, that would be the foolish memory. A single person cannot start laughing alone and make good memories, if a person does foolish things, then, that might be the memory, even for those who saw that. So, memory is also a part of life. If we meet new people, we can share some of our memories and can be more frank with that new person. In my opinion, memories are the best part of life, which we can remember till long time.

Now, comes about “Value”. Value does not mean only within known people. But if we are really valuable to unknown people, then we can say, we have done many things in our life. Valueless life is not a real life. It’s just a simple life of a person. If we are valuable to others unknown person, we can say, we have successfully lived our life. For e.g:- if a valueless person dies, their family, friends and relatives will cry, but if a person having value dies, whole world will cry, whole world will attain his / her funeral. The environment will be different. It’s true that, everyone cannot make values in their life, but they should at least try once. Even if they try, they become a valuable person for few people. “Value” in my opinion, is the most important thing of our life and also the hardest one.

Lastly, I would like to request all of my friends, brothers and sisters and even teachers to at least try once to know the real meaning of life. There may be lots of things that are left to experience in your life. So, you at least try to experience few, so that you can live a ‘real life’.


- Apekshya Dahal

   Grade :- 9