Occidental Public School


Occidental Public School (OPS) , established in 1993-94, endeavors to help each student fully develop his or her personality amid an atmosphere of love and unity.

Occidental has become a learning center where secular values and enduring ideas are harbored, learnt and taught to meet the increasing global challenges. In other words, it is a microcosm inhabited by offspring from different walks of life, whose co-existence is premised on mutual respect. Each discipline at this school is taken with utmost care to nurture "secularism". Occidental provides a global atmosphere on a reduced scale.

Objective is to ensure a civilized future free from prejudice and untroubled by poverty, caste and creeds. This can be achieved through academic discourses, especially with the help of experts from different areas. This institution has, therefore, laid down emphasis on general ability, power of expression, intelligence, etc

Creation of such an academic atmosphere will pave the way for the history of well-beings, benefiting every individual, family and nation. It will enable both men and women everywhere to make an art of enduring peace and prosperity both at home and abroad.

Rules and Regulation

1. Maintaining strict discipline is mandatory on every student since it is the basic foundation of education.

2. Violation of any school rules or any act of indiscipline will lead to expulsion of the student from the school. Expulsion will be decided by the School Disciplinary Committee.

3. Students are expected to take proper care of the school property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy.

4. Any damage done to the property of the school by disfiguring walls, doors, fitting, fixtures, etc. or damaging furniture or any other way, is serious breach of discipline and the student will be fined.

5. The conduct of the students in class as well as in the premises of the school should not cause any disturbance to the students, teachers or the administration.

6. Every student is obliged to take part in all the school activities.

7. Students are discouraged from using any costly ornaments and carrying money with them.

8. Parents are advised to allow students to wear wrist watch from Class III onwards only, when the children are able to take care of their things.

9. Names of the students who remain absent from continuous period of fifteen days or more without pre-intimation will be struck off from the rolls.

10. Politeness and decent dress while attending the school is highly expected.

11. Coming to school in intoxicated state or use of intoxicating items in the school premises and outside is serious breach of conduct.

12. Bringing mobile phone to school and using it will result in confiscation of the phone set and the student will be liable to disciplinary action.

Vision Statement

The vision is to create a centre of academic excellence based on science and technology, and moral values. The mission is to achieve a goal that will certainly have a major impact on our globalizing society.