My Experience of Cinderella Nepal 2017

My Experience of Cinderella Nepal 2017

I had taken part in Cinderella Nepal 2017. This was recommended to me by close friends. At first I was excited to hear that. I took permission from my parents to participate. My parents are Gods for me. They never reject my views. So, this time also they didn’t say no. They accepted my desire. I was really happy of Our training was about 28 days. There we were taught cat walk, ramp walk, to increase confidence level to build up personality, sitting position, tongue twister and many more. We were 29 participants. I made many friends there. They were from St. Mary’s, KINS, Babylon National School, Nepal Mega School, etc. The moments together with them were wonderful. We clicked photos. Moreover our trainer was Miss. BipanaThapa, a wonderful choreographer, model and actress as well. She taught us each and everything.

During the period of training I met my best hero Paul Shah and gorgeous Aanchal Sharma. We got their autographs as well. It was the most beautiful part of life. It made me so happy which is not even expressible. We clicked photos with them. Everyone was so happy to see them. After few days we had our talent show. Some danced, some sang, a girl was there with experiment and another played piano. There were 10 judges who were there to give marks which would be added in final. The result was to be declared in the final. Finally we had our final. I even had my last exam on that day in the morning.. There were many make up artists and hair designers to make us ready. Even our dress was prepared by the most talented designers. Before moving towards the stage we prepared once again at the back stage we prepared once again at the backstage.

Finally at the first we had our introduction round and then question answer round, top 14 and top 5 round at last. Luckily I got selected in all the rounds. In the top 5 round we were asked a question and we had to write and then say our answers. We had 3 minutes to complete writing our answers. We all were asked the same question in the final round. After that we had our award time and as taught we were ready for our sequence. There were many sub titles given to the contestants. Many even didn’t get any of them. But Certificate was provided to all. Finally there was the time for the announcement of 3rd runner up, 2nd runner up and winner. So, 3rd runner up was Anuska Khadka from Babylon National School, Aarya Khadka from Kathmandu International School (KINS) and finally I was the winner and I won the title of Cinderella Nepal 2017. When they announced my contestant number i.e. 18, it was unbelievable I was speechless at that moment. I was so happy. I was crowned Cinderella Nepal 2017. That crowning moment was very special for me. There were lots of people clicking photos with me. I had the feeling like “Wow!”.

- Sneha Poudyal, Class: 8 A1