Looking Back

Looking Back

Five years back, in 2070 my heart was full of fear seeing the new environment in OPS. Neither it’s a long journey nor it’s a short journey. Five years has passed and I even didn’t reckon that time was speeding. I didn’t enjoy the memorable moment only but also some of the bitter moments experienced here are part of my journey. Memories can’t be written in a couple of paragraphs. I can write a book about my memories here. My bond with OPS is so strong that even gods can’t break it. OPS is my second home and there would surely be place for OPS in some corners of my heart till my last breath.

For the first few days, I really couldn’t adjust with new environment. As I was never far from my home, how could I be happy here? But facing lots of things and gaining lots of knowledge from OPS, made me strong. Sorrows didn’t hurt me but made me even stronger. The talks, the unnecessary but interesting gossips, the fights, punishments, breaking rules knowingly, etc. Oh! It gives such a great pleasure remembering these moments. My friend Prathikshya, whom I met in class-six is still my favorite. I have spent my five glorious years with her. I can never forget my friends who were always beside me when I lost courage or in the face of any problems. My friends, unknowingly you became part of my life. I know we all are never going to be ‘one’ again but our friendship and love is never going to end. The bond I’ve shared with you people means so much to me. Sumina and Shreeya Pandey supported me in my first year. Asmita(Vuttu), Praktishya, Sarika, Priya made my grade-8 the best, Smarika, made my journey more memorable and happy. I’ve spent four years with her which I can never forget. She will be my bestie forever. The insane class activities eating tiffins, copying homeworks, bunking classes ( with Vuttu and Rekarna) are some of the unforgettable activities of my schooling and best part of my.

OPS has taught me the value of love, the value of friendship. It has taught me that everyone is their own person, and perfect in their own way. I have learnt how to stay calm and confident from the outside, even if I’m dying from the inside. It has taught me that even pain can be beautiful. Looking back at my school-life, I realize that everything about it was beautiful. Every single thing here was perfect.

It’s truly said, nothing is ever lasting. Those time once spent, those promises once made, those prayers once asked sooner or later fade away. We walk out of that door but hopes still linger around it. Those endured emotions heavy on heart flow out with tears when memories really touch us and pinch us. Sad face and tears shows how much we tried to be far from it. I know some people and things come for short period of time but leave the inerasable memories and foot prints in our heart.


 - Rashmi Bhandari, Class-X